Block 79 Buildings 701-753 Ninth Ave North, Seattle, WA

Block 79 Buildings 701-753 Ninth Ave North, Seattle, WA

Vulcan, Inc.

Phased Work – June -July 2020 & September – October 2020

Abatement / Demo Value: $400,000

Vulcan has been using PacRim as there go to consultant for many years. They have come to trust our ability to give them a accurate assessment of the building to be demolished and to develop a realistic abatement budget. They rely on PacRim to oversee their demolition projects from vacancy of tenants to ground in preparation of their venture.

Block 79 consisted of a number of different older buildings with distinct uses from a restaurant, warehouses and offices and auto repair facility. Materials encountered varied from flooring, siding, windows and texture spray applied materials. Uniquely the abandoned paint booth presented a challenge with potentially dangerous wastes. PacRim did exhaustive sampling and analysis and ultimately was able to document a profile that allowed CDL disposed versus dangerous waste disposal (much higher costs).

The regulated building materials work was managed by PacRim’ s specifications, bidding procedures and on-site monitoring. Documentation was substantial for the various tasks and skillfully completed.