Hazardous Materials Management

  • Building / Facility Surveys for Regulated Building Materials (Asbestos, Lead, Universal Waste, PCB).

Hazardous Condition Assessments for Asbestos, Lead, Mercury, PCB, Heavy Metals, Silica, Legionella, Mold.

Specification Writing and Design Services for Abatement, Demolition and Deconstruction (for material salvaging). Certified AHERA project designers prepare specification and design documents based on each project’s unique requirements. These include professional forms for contractor bidding and qualifications.

PacRim prepares O&M plans for facilities that choose to maintain rather then remove asbestos containing materials (ACM) in place. O&M plans include employee awareness training, including site specific awareness training for each facility, and help ensure a safe work environment around existing ACM.

Hazardous Materials Abatement Project Management and On-site Oversight for Schedule Adherence, Risk Management, Safety and Cost Control.

PacRim’s team prepares and performs work practices that manage asbestos removal and/or encapsulation that ensure compliance with local and state regulations. The protection that PacRim provides is a safeguard for client personnel working near ACM abatement procedures.

On-site Air Monitoring for Asbestos, Lead, Silica, Mold, Radon and Indoor Air Quality

PacRim Air Sampling Professionals (ASP’s) have a thorough understanding of monitoring principles and procedures from sample collection to on-site analysis.

Employee Awareness Training includes Silica, Asbestos, Lead, Mold (Water Intrusion) and Indoor Air Quality (Impacts of Changes in Construction).

PacRim offers site-specific awareness training for each facility.

Water Management Program for Legionella, Lead, Moisture Testing and Comprehensive Corrective action plans for mold.

OSHA 30 Construction Safety Monitoring and reporting.

PacRim can help staff your projects is additional OSHA 30 compliance monitoring is required.