Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues in the workplace can arise quickly and without warning.

Phantom Odors, Chemical or Hazardous Material Spills, Stationary Combustion Sources and even Wildfires can all affect air quality and therefore, the health of your personnel.

Building Owners and Building Management Teams need quick, reliable and accurate IAQ assessment tools to assist them with critical risk management decisions.

To provide our clients with the best available real-time IAQ information possible, PacRim has invested in a hand-held AQM (Air Quality Monitor) This device provides nearly instantaneous real-time monitoring for the following contaminants of concern:

Particle Monitoring (PM) from 0.3µm to 25 µm.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Temperature and Relative Humidity

Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC)

PacRim can conduct on-site air monitoring to determine if employees are being exposed to hazardous mold in your facility. PacRim has the knowledgeable staff and equipment to quickly respond to your mold air monitoring needs.

PacRim has the staff and experience to conduct asbestos air monitoring to protect you facility, employees and visitors to your facility or project.  We can conduct pre-abatement testing, monitoring during any abatement projects and clearance monitoring after you project to determine if your facility is safe to re-occupy.

PacRim has he experience and equipment f=to monitor your facility or employees during any lead based paint impacting projects.

PacRim has the experience to help track down and help identify noxious odors and smells in you facility. Depending on the situation  we have the equipment and sampling protocol to sample the air and help determine what might be the issue .