LEED Building Credits

LEED ND v2009 submittal Requirement’s data is prepared by PacRim by our LEED Waste Report and Documentation Services.  Reports provided by PacRim prior to start of construction and demolition showing materials and quantities identified as asbestos, lead, PCB, mercury and universal waste requiring special disposal or recycling. Disposal quantities are documented through the abatement / remediation contractor. All regulations implemented and followed in the project are documented as modeled after or more stringent than federal regulations and then outlined in detail letter prepared by our EPA AHERA Building Designer as required by TSCA Title 11 & 40 CFR 763.

Onsite Monitoring during abatement / remediation reinforces third party monitoring for true and accurate documentation.

PacRim delivers critical due diligence services to identify and quantify environmental liabilities and protect client’s assets.

We are there for our client’s full life cycle support — from good faith survey and planning to pre-construction demolition and abatement activities to closeout.