Bellevue Plaza Abatement and Demolition, Bellevue, WA

Bellevue Investors I LLC – Bellevue Plaza Project

GC- GLY / Rhine Demolition

January 2020 through May 2020

Abatement / Demo Value: $1,100,000

PacRim provided a pre-demolition Regulated Building Materials Survey in the mostly occupied mall encompassing multiple tenants with various ongoing retail and services operations working closely with the Property Manager (Wallace Properties). PacRim provided an abatement specification and budget which lead to competitive bids from responsive abatement contractors and our final bid analysis and award to Rhine Demolition. The abatement consisted of various Class 1 asbestos materials such as popcorn ceilings, wall textures and cement asbestos board. Class 2 asbestos materials abated where flooring and mastic along with window and roofing sealants. The fact that the buildings were occupied right up abatement prior to demolition presented some challenges. Evaluation of suspect materials was made and incorporated as alternate bid items. Ultimately these materials were investigated, tracked and either abated or eliminated from the scope. Again, as with most projects, PacRim provide the developer with a cost ROM that allowed and flexible but realistic working bid / contract pricing. This detail to tracking and documenting costs in real time during abatement eliminated delays and uncertainties for the developer.  This project, as large and complex as it was, did get completed on schedule and within the PacRim budget.

Extensive sampling, self-performed laboratory analysis of different materials encountered during destructive abatement keep the work moving to a successful conclusion. Additionally, having the abatement and demolition contractor being the same firm, while contracting abatement through the developer and demolition through the GC PacRim was able to efficiently managed the job and take this burden away from both the GC and the developer.

The combination of an experienced former contractor working at PacRim and an experience PM tracking costs and scope variations combined with a knowledgeable field technician provide the right formulae for controlled costs and executed performance on the project.

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