17th Floor abatement

17th Floor Abatement, Seattle, WA 

March 2020 through August 2020

GC- Unimark Construction Group /Wrecking Ball Demolition

Abatement Value: $750,000.00

The project involved the complete demolition and abatement of the vacated floor. The entire below ceiling walls, flooring and mechanical systems were demolished, containment was constructed and the above ceiling demolition of mechanical systems and fireproofing were abated. The project was unique in that the ceiling is an open-air plenum that provides duct air to the floor above and had to be maintained during the abatement phase. PacRim provided cell phone monometer readings to GC, the abatement contractor and PacRim personnel and we were able to monitor the negative pressure during the entire course of the project and protect the tenants from any caused breaches in the containment.  The work was performed on schedule and within the budget with no additive abatement costs items. PacRim provided regulatory compliance and performed specification conformance oversight. Air monitoring was conducted in public areas and along side the abatement activities. Documentation in support of the owner’s guidelines and design were produced and maintained online during the project and weekly support and progress meetings were conducted remotely due the COVID-19 situation.

PacRim has developed and maintain a detailed O & M Plan for this building. The owner has been maintaining control of the asbestos on a day to day basis for the past seven years. PacRim performs scheduled periodic air monitoring, design specifications for TI on various floors and extensive documentation of regulatory compliance. PacRim has given the owner the tools and assurances that they are protecting their staff, the tenants and the public.