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Our in-house PLM/PCM laboratory, gives us complete control over all aspects of sample analysis and turn-around time, resulting in a superior level of quality. Our PLM lab is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) and takes part in proficiency rounds, ensuring our customers the very best in analytical precision and accuracy. Our PCM lab participates in a quarterly Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT).  The caliber of our work allows us to meet even the most rigorous project deadlines and specifications. PacRim has a dedicated administrative and support staff that works to provide timely generation of lab analysis reports, project reports and client correspondence.

Samples and test results will be released only to approved recipients.

Polarized Light Microscopy

PLM is used for the identification of asbestos and building material samples.


Phase Contrast Microscopy

PCM is used for the analysis of air samples taken during asbestos abatement activities (method – NISOH 7400).

Samples collected by our inspectors or brought in by clients, that are not analyzed by our in-house lab are submitted to pre-approved, licensed and insured sub-contracted laboratories. We will assure proper submission of samples to labs, review all results, interact with the lab on our client’s behalf and assure delivery of faxes, reports or other pertinent communications. These are some types of analyses that are sub-contracted: TEM – Transmission Electron Microscope, Lead Air/Paint Chip, Metals, Settled Dust, Silica, and Mold.

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