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Inside homes, mold spores are commonly found in the air and on most surfaces, including clothing, walls and furniture. Serious problems can occur with mold growth, which is usually caused by moisture intrusion, through the building envelope, from leaking pipes, etc.


The following is a list services we provide to help our clients identify and manage potential problems with water intrusion and/or mold. Our knoweldegable and helpful staff can help you choose the right services for you.

Analysis and Identification

Locating potential sources of water intrusion, identifying the location and type of mold growth, developing plans to remove mold contamination and working with qualified contractors to ensure that buildings receive proper remediation.

Operations & Maintenance

PacRim mold operations and maintenance programs include direction for building maintenance personnel to perform regular inspections and scheduled maintenance, as well as special inspections for moisture intrusion or system failures that could promote fungal growth in building components.

Corrective Action Plan

A detailed specification for qualified contractors who perform remediation of building materials and spaces impacted by microbial intrusion.

Remediation Monitoring Programs

Scheduled seasonal inspections and testing – also available on-demand as conditions change – provide assurance of the on-going effectiveness of remediation response programs.

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