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Lead in Drinking Water

Lead in drinking water most often comes from a buildings plumbing system. Lead is present in solder, brass fixtures, and lead or galvanized pipes can leach into water standing tin the plumbing system. The amount of lead that leaches into drinking water, if any , depends on how corrosive the water is and the materials used to construct the plumbing system. If absorbed into the body, lead can damage the brain and other vital organs.

Lead in Drinking Water


The following is a list of services we provide to help our clients identify and manage lead in drinking water plans and testing. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff can assist you in choosing the right service for you.













Lead Testing in Drinking Water

Identify lead in drinking water by testing  fixtures like sinks and drinking fountains to identify concerns in your facility

Re-test and Document Remediation

Once remediation has occurred we will assist in re-testing fixtures and document results and remediation work that has been completed.

Project Management

Experienced Project Manager to help guide you through the project. Always available to answer your questions

















Fixture Inventory and Sample Tracking

Experienced PacRim field personnel perform on-site inventory of all fixtures in your school or facility that could be a potential source of lead in drinking water.

Fixture Sampling and Tracking

We have developed a unique hardware / software system that allows us to use the fixture inventory data to collect the samples and identify these samples with each unique fixture. This system will allow you to view and review all sampling data online by facility or by individual fixture in a specific facility.

Lead in Construction /  HUD Lead Testing

We have provided non destructive XRF testing for Lead in our region for years. We are pleased to add Lead in Drinking Water to our portfolio of services.

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