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Lead-Based Paint

Lead is a toxic metal used in a variety of products and materials, including paint. Small particles can mix with dirt and household dust when lead-based paint deteriorates. If absorbed into the body, lead can damage the brain and other vital organs.



The following is a list of services we provide to help our clients identify and manage lead-based paint (LBP). Our knowledgeable and helpful staff can assist you in choosing the right service for you.

Building and Facility Surveys

Personel trained and certified in Washington State, perform comprehensive surveys of building components to identify, quantify and assess the potential impact of lead-based paint (LBP).


HUD/EPA Compliance

Washington State Certified personnel with the training and experience to perform HUD/EPA compliance inspections, lead-risk assessments and clearance testing.


Project Management

PacRim’s team prepares and performs services to manage lead-based paint (LBP) removal and/or encapsulation to ensure compliance with local and state regulations. Safe work conditions for client personnel located near LBP abatement procedures are a product of PacRim’s project management.


Contract Administration

PacRim offers its expertise in monitoring third-party implementation of LBP abatement contracts for clients who prefer a single point of contact.

Onsite Air Monitoring and Analysis

Experienced PacRim field personnel perform on-site air monitoring and analysis of compliance air sampling. Clients recieve professional monitoring throughout the abatement process.


Specification and Project Design

Certified project designers prepare specification and design documents based on each project’s unique requirements. These include professional forms for contractor bidding and qualifications.


Niton XRF Instrument

PacRim performs a surface-by-surface inspection for lead-based paint on a building’s interior and exterior. Testing is performed using a NITON X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer(XRF). Paints found to contain lead in concentrations equal to or greater than the Federal threshold of 1.0 mg/cm2 of surface, as measured by the XRF, are considered lead-based paints by EPA / HUD guidelines.

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